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Unsolved Crimes

12/4/2015 - Salon Burglary
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9/2/2015 - Criminal Damage to Property
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7/10/2015 - Jewelry Theft-WalmartSOLVED
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7/1/2015 - Criminal Damage--BB Gun

Crime Stoppers Bulletin- BB Gun Damage.pdf


Damage with BB Gun in Three Farms area near May Watts

7/1/2015 - Criminal Damage-Homes under construction

Crime Stoppers 2015-006448.pdf


Damage to homes under construction on Lacebark.

6/12/2015 - Bank RobberySOLVED

6/12/2015 - Construction Site Theft

4/30/2015 - Attempt to Identify Burglary Suspects
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3/2/2015 - Burglary/South end of town
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1/22/2015 - Burglary to Peanuts Bar and Grill
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 Peanuts Bar and Grill.pdf

1/15/2015 - Strong Armed Robbery
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The Naperville Police Department are seeking assistance in a Strong Armed Robbery on the south side of town.  Please review the attached file.  Thank you!

1/1/1900 -

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